As more states move forward in enforcing age verification legislation, Pornhub continues to simply stop operations.


Pornhub has decided to block users who reside in Mississippi as well as Virginia from accessing its website because of laws that would need the service to confirm their age. The company claims it's blocking users in order to protest against the unjust enforcement of these new laws. saying that websites that enforce the new rules will lose users due to "irresponsible platforms" that "don't follow the law, that don't take user safety seriously, and that often don't even moderate content."

The number of visitors decreased by 80 percent on Pornhub following the introduction of the age verification requirement in Louisiana in the spring of this year according to the company. After the incident, it was forced to take its websites offline instead of applying an age verification. In May, the company shut down access to users in Utah because of the same law. Techdirt reports that the blackout is applicable to other websites run by the owner of Pornhub like RedTube.

Age verification laws have increasingly being introduced and enacted throughout the US particularly in the more conservative regions of the nation, in order to block children from gaining access to porn. An association representing the industry of adult entertainment The Free Speech Coalition, states that similar laws are that are being enacted across Texas, Montana, and Arkansas and legislation is being drafted, but in the end, not being passed in other states.

The law usually requires that websites with adult content confirm the age of their visitors in a way which is more thorough than the requirement to check an entry that states they're older than 18. It could mean verifying the validity of government-issued IDs.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has been pushing back against the age verification requirements and has criticized those laws as "surveillance systems" that pose privacy risks to everyone who utilizes these systems. "After sharing information to verify age, there's no way for a website visitor to be certain that the data they're handing over is not going to be retained and used by the website, or further shared or even sold," the group stated in its March.

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