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Elon Musk posted a photo to Twitter Monday night that shows him advertising to content creators how they can activate the monetization features of Twitter. Unfortunately for Musk, however, few were paying much attention to his 24.7K paid subscribers; rather, some users realized he appeared to be signed into another account; upon further inspection, this turned out to be @ErmnMusk, a now-deleted account which displayed as the display name "Elon Test," featuring an avatar photo of Musk's three-year-old son as its avatar image.

Are we sure this account belongs to Elon Musk? While we hesitate to make such a claim (Twitter or Musk himself have never responded; instead they simply respond with an indecipherable poop emoji when asked), the evidence seems to support such an interpretation of events.

Twitter activity from this suspected burner account was often mundane, including tweets about not having any followers (whoops! before the account was deleted, it had gained over 27,000!), though some posts can become disturbingly personal and explicit.

Michael Saylor tweeted about Satoshi - the anonymous figure who developed Bitcoin - and @ErmnMusk responded, asking whether Michael liked Japanese girls. "Do you like Japanese girls?", replied @ErmnMusk.

@ErmnMusk responded to a different post making fun of former Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison, who dated FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried and later pled guilty to billions of dollars worth of wire fraud during its collapse, prompting another user to poke fun at Ellison while inferring that Bankman-Fried may have risked his billionaire status for sexual favours with her. @ErmnMusk responded "I 💜 librarians."

In some other tweets, @ErmnMusk pretended to be Musk's two-year-old son X Æ A-XII, whom he refers to simply as "X."

As soon as FTX began its crash, Airbnb founder Brian Chesky tweeted, "It feels like we were in a nightclub and the lights suddenly lit up!" @ErmnMusk responded, “I wish I was old enough to go to nightclubs. They sound so fun.” In another tweet, @ErmnMusk posted, “I will finally turn 3 on May 4th!”,  which coincides with X's actual birthday date.

Could Musk just be trolling everyone? Sure. But these tweets do echo his general online demeanor, providing further evidence that this could be his burner account. According to VICE's reporting, the account was created soon after Musk purchased Twitter and according to VICE the image of "X," uploaded November 29th 2022 was never seen online prior to that specific date, the account under consideration had spread across Twitter, with numerous users assuming its identity before eventually being deleted. Programmer Travis Brown managed to capture 99 profile snapshots, revealing that it was registered under the names "Elon Test" and occasionally "Star Sapphire." The most compelling evidence supporting the notion that @ErmnMusk was Elon Musk's alternative account lies in the profile image's age, which was uploaded on November 29, 2022.”

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So how serious is the news that Elon Musk could have exposed his burner account? We've all been there! Sometimes accidentally revealing your personal account where you alternate between roleplaying as a toddler and making crude comments about women can have disastrous results.

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