An MBA degree is an incredible accomplishment that every business professional aspires to attain, opening up many potential career paths for students who earn one.

MBA stands for "Masters of Business Administration". Being accredited with this prestigious designation ensures students will secure interviews quickly and advance in the corporate environment more rapidly.

Students enrolled in business classes often seek an MBA to boost their resumes, so it should come as no surprise that many are considering this route to earning one. Scholarships exist for those from developing nations or who require financial aid in order to fund their studies.

Numerous universities provide scholarship opportunities for MBA students at Canadian universities and colleges; we will discuss some of these scholarships herein.

Below Are Canada MBA Scholarships You May be Eligible for

1. Ted Rogers School Of Management (Ryerson University)

Ted Rogers School of Management Ted Rogers School of Management, one of the Toronto School of management, is among the most highly regarded schools in Canada which offers MBA programs. Bloomberg Businessweek listed this top 25 globally accredited programs as well!

Ted Rogers School of Management joined forces with Ted, Loretta, and Loretta Rogers as an investment into MBA studies is significant - their donations could total $15 Million! These awards and scholarships help cover tuition for MBA studies by awarding students.

Students could receive grants of up to $20,000. Students must demonstrate outstanding academic excellence to qualify for Ted Rogers School Graduate Entrance Scholarship; its selection criteria are based on academic excellence and performance evaluation.

Advertisement mes Local Canadian students can apply either full- or part-time. International applicants who can make use of it full-time.

Apply today by visiting

2. Rotman School Of Management Scholarships at the University Of Toronto

Rotman School of Management scholarships can be found at Toronto, Canada's renowned School of Management; one of the world's acclaimed management schools. MBA applicants who want to study there at the University of Toronto's Rotman School can also obtain an MBA degree there.

Rotman MBA can be a worthwhile investment in personal growth. While Rotman School of Management doesn't directly offer scholarships for its MBA program, many external organizations permit international students to enroll. You could also review these Government of Canada International Scholarship Programs to see whether one fits you!

International MBA aspirants may qualify for government scholarships under this initiative.

Visit to view a complete listing of scholarships being provided by the government.

Also check The Ultimate Guide to Canada Scholarship Application for Foreign Students

3. Alberta MBA Scholarships

For 2019, the University of Alberta School of Business awarded over one million dollars in MBA Scholarships, with candidates accepted into its program eligible to be granted either $15,000 or $15,000. Scholarships can be found across its MBA programs - for more information visit:

4. Haskayne School Of Business MBA Entrance Scholarships

The Haskayne School Of Business at the University of Calgary offers MBA entrance scholarships for first-year students accepted. In addition, grant courses through The Haskayne Student Experiences Fund or SU Travel and Conference Funding may also be made available during an MBA education.

Visit for further assistance with student funding and scholarships.

5. Schulich School Of Business Scholarships

International students automatically qualify to be granted scholarships and grants at the Schulich School of Business, while financially needy individuals can submit applications for merit-based scholarships and awards.

Please visit for scholarships and awards opportunities.

6. Ivey MBA Scholarships

Students enrolled at Ivey are entitled to exceptional scholarships and loans valued up to an incredible $1.8 Million!

Please visit for information about funding your MBA studies at Ivey Business School.

7. Sauder School For Business Entrance Scholarship

There are various awards and scholarships available through UBC's Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia, such as the Dean's Entrance Scholarship and International Talent Scholarships as well as many others.

Please visit:

8. Desautels Faculty Of Management

McGill's Desautels School of Management ranks among Canada's premier management institutes; visit its scholarships page here:

9. Queens University Smith School Of Business

Queen's University's business school can be reached online at - Robert H. Smith School of Business is its name!

10. HEC Montreal MBA Scholarships

HEC Montreal Foundation offers MBA students numerous scholarships. For more information, visit:

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